PIA Opposes Proposed Crop Insurance Cuts

On February 10th, President Trump released his FY 2021 budget proposal, which calls for major cuts to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, including the federal crop insurance program.

The budget would cut the U.S. Department of Agriculture by 8 percent, and crop insurance specifically would be cut by $25 billion over the next decade.

The proposed cuts will compromise the affordability and availability of crop insurance for farmers, seriously undermining the strength of the farm safety net during a time of real struggle for farmers and rural America.

PIA National was joined by coalition allies in issuing a statement expressing opposition to the cuts in the budget proposal. The statement reiterated PIA National’s position that now is not the time to slash the federal crop insurance program, on which so many farmers and ranchers rely to stay afloat.

PIA National will continue our advocacy to protect the federal crop insurance program.