PIA Cautions Against Crop Insurance Cuts in Budget Request

PIA National, along with a coalition of allies, sent a letter today cautioning against cuts to crop insurance as the Administration begins putting together its fiscal year 2021 budget request. As a reminder, the FY20 budget proposal contained approximately $26 billion in proposed cuts, the bulk of which came straight from premium reductions. As with previous attempts to cut the crop insurance program in the budget and appropriations process, PIA National and our allies were successful in preventing these proposals from taking effect.

The letter notes that just last year a 5-year Farm Bill was signed into law without any cuts to crop insurance, and that with the current agricultural economy in a difficult state, crop insurance remains the linchpin of the farm safety net.

PIA National strongly opposes any cuts to the federal crop insurance program and will work with Congress and the administration to push back against any attempt to cut it.