Flood Insurance Regulatory Update

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Independent insurance agents deeply focused on the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) may already know that, on October 1, the most recently published version of the Flood Insurance Manual took effect. FEMA also recently solicited feedback on the use of Elevation Certificates and Floodproofing Certificates by communities participating in the NFIP.

Regular readers of this blog may also recall that FEMA recently issued a request for information regarding the possibility of offering potential consumers the option of purchasing NFIP policies online. PIA’s concerns about this proposal were addressed at length in its response.

PIA is continuing to sound the alarm about this proposal with FEMA and around the Hill. To that end, we have created a helpful infographic that we hope will illustrate the enormous value that independent agents provide when consumers consider purchasing flood insurance.

Federal Insurance Office (FIO)

The blog previously addressed the recent request for comment issued by FIO regarding its proposed collection of homeowners’ insurance data from carriers. FIO maintains the data will aid in its assessment of climate-related risk and its effect on homeowners’ insurance availability. FIO claims the information it wants will help its evaluation of whether climate change could especially affect private insurance coverage in areas of the country susceptible to large climate-related events, including but not limited to floods. After it is submitted to FIO, PIA’s comment letter will be made available online.