Commissioner Spotlight: Maine Superintendent Eric Cioppa

In the first entry in our new “Commissioner Spotlight” series, we are focusing on the head of the Maine Bureau of Insurance, Superintendent Eric Cioppa.

Superintendent Cioppa began his career in insurance as a statistician for the Insurance Bureau before becoming Supervisor of Maine’s Workers’ Compensation Section. After that, he became Deputy Superintendent in 1998. He was confirmed as Superintendent in September 2011, and, in January 2017, he was reconfirmed to serve another five-year term as Superintendent.

Superintendent Cioppa has a BA from Potsdam State University and an MBA from Clarkson University.

Why Superintendent Cioppa is Important to Agents:

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) elects a new president every year, and Superintendent Cioppa has served as NAIC president since January 2019, after he was elected at the NAIC’s 2018 Fall National Meeting. Prior to being elected President of the NAIC, Superintendent Cioppa served as Vice President in 2017 and Secretary-Treasurer in 2016.

In his multifaceted role at the NAIC, Superintendent Cioppa also serves as Vice-Chair of the group’s Financial Stability Task Force and chair of its Government Relations Leadership Council (GRLC), and he is a member of its Long-Term Care Insurance Task Force, Financial Condition Committee, Reinsurance Task Force, and NAIC/State Government Liaison Committee.

Among its other duties, the NAIC passes model laws and regulations that often serve as the templates for a variety of insurance-related laws and regulations enacted in states around the country. Many of those laws and regulations directly affect independent agents and the sale of insurance.

PIA National has long valued its close relationship with the NAIC and its leaders, and we look forward to continuing our collaborations with Superintendent Cioppa both at the NAIC and in the state of Maine in the years to come.

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